Watch Strap Sizing Guide

The strap length and lug width are always measured in millimeters (mm).

Strap Width

Watches come in different sizes. To determine the appropriate strap width for your watch, you will need to measure the lug width of your watch. This can be done with a ruler or a vernier caliper.

The width of a two-piece watch strap is expressed in two numbers e.g., 22/20 – the first number 22mm is the width of the strap between the lugs of your watch, and the second number 20mm is the width of the strap at the buckle. A straight watch strap e.g. 22/22 has the same width at the lugs and the buckle, whereas a tapered watch strap e.g., 22/20 has a wider width at the lugs and a narrower width at the buckle.

Watch Strap Sizing Guide | Cozy Handmade

Printable Measuring Gauge / Ruler

Need a ruler to find out your lug width?

You can download our printable measuring gauge and ruler

Strap Length

The length of a two-piece watch strap is expressed in two numbers e.g., 120/70. The first number 120mm is the length of the tail side of the strap, and the second number 70mm is the length of the buckle side of the strap.

 Watch Strap Length Guide

What Length Should I Get?

First, you need to know your wrist size. Measure your wrist size with a measuring tape, or you can use a plain strip of paper, wrap it around your wrist where you usually wear your watch, and make a mark. Next, lay the strip flat and measure the distance between the starting point and the mark on the strip. This will be your wrist size.

Printable Wrist Sizer

Alternatively, you can download our printable wrist sizer to help you estimate your wrist size.

Length Suggestions

Once you have your wrist measurement, refer to our length suggestions to find your correct strap size.

If you are on the cusp between two sizes, you may select the smaller size for a shorter tail, or larger size for a longer tail, depending on your preference. For example, if your wrist size is 180mm, medium 125/75 length would be just right. However, you may choose large 130/80 if you prefer a longer tail or a looser fit.

Kindly note that the measurements may vary slightly, depending on the case size and the shape of your watch.

Should you need any assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

X-Small 110/65 5.90" to 6.30" (150mm to 160mm)
Small 120/70 6.30" to 6.70" (160mm to 170mm)
Medium 125/75 6.70" to 7.10" (170mm to 180mm)
Large 130/80 7.10" to 7.50" (180mm to 190mm)
X-Large 135/85 7.50" to 8.00" (190mm to 200mm)