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Custom ROLEX END LINK for G10 NATO / Perlon Straps - Gold Plated Center Grip

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High precision stainless steel custom end link tailor-made just to fit in for specific Rolex models. This custom Rolex End Link is a must have product for those who love to wear their Rolex watches with NATO or PERLON straps

This innovative product will completely elevate the appearance of your Rolex when you put on with NATO / PERLON strap. It helps to cover up the ugly hollow space on both sides without exposing the straps, making the watch looks more complete and beefier

This product comes in 1 Pair (both sides). Gold plated center grip

To be use with: 

NATO or PERLON strap size: 20mm
NATO or PERLON strap thickness: must not more than 1.2mm

Daytona models : 116250 , 116253 , 116258, 116500

Explorer II model : 16570

GMT-Master I model : 16700

GMT-Master II models : 16760 , 116710 , 116713 , 116718

Submariner models : 16610 , 16613 , 16618 , 16800 , 16803 , 16808 , 114060 , 116613 , 116618 , 116610LV , 116619LB , 16610LV

Rolex models that are not mentioned here will not be compatible and the end-link may not fit in. This product is tailor-made to fit perfectly on supported models only. Please also note that the required size of the NATO or perlon strap is 20mm and strap thickness must not be more than 1.2mm.

The original spring bar diameter of Daytona model is different from other Rolex models. It is recommended to use Ø2.00mm spring bars if this custom Rolex end link is to be used on Daytona models.

If you have any queries regarding the ordering process, please refer to FAQs for more details.

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