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Leather Card Wallet, Vintage 407

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A chic handmade Italian veg tanned leather card wallet designed to hold up to 6 cards or more, including some cash. With its slim and minimalist design, you don't have to carry a bulky and bulging wallet around. It's ideal for minimalist individuals who prefer to carry only the essentials.

Slim, simple and minimalist design, made from the finest Italian veg tanned leather. It has 6 card slots to hold cards and cash. 

Card wallet measures 100mm (4.0") x 70mm (2.7"), and it is approximately 145mm (5.7") when unfolded.

Stitching & Edge finishing

Meticulously stitched by hand with grey waxed thread using traditional saddle-stitching method.

Leather edges are beveled and burnished by hand for a smooth finish.

Leather article: Vintage 407, dark blue.

Cut from high grade full grain Italian veg tanned leather from one of the best tanneries in Italy. The leather comes with gorgeous textures with natural characteristics, such as wrinkles, marks and pores. It will develop rich and beautiful patina over time.

Unique Leather Variation

Every piece of full grain leather has its own unique character, and are all hand-dyed. There are no two pieces that look identical, which means your COZY handmade leather card wallet will be one-of-a-kind where each piece may vary from color intensity to texture.

Each card slot can hold 2 cards maximum. The slots will start off tight when it is brand new, especially with 2 cards. However, it will gradually stretch to perfect fit without losing its form.

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